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Malawi to Have A Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant

Malawi is expected to benefit from an agricultural investment deal that President Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika has struck in London, United Kingdom when he held talks with UK-based business tycoons from Israel, France, Ukraine and Morocco.

The team, which was led by Member of the Board for Innoselia Commercial Limited, Nir Gess and British Marine Limited Chairman (Non-Executive), Akbar Asifis, is bringing to Malawi a state-of-the-art fertiliser manufacturing plant.

Gess told the Malawi media after the talks that the discussion centred on improving agriculture in Malawi though provision of infrastructure such as the fertiliser manufacturing company.

Currently, Malawi imports its fertiliser whose price goes up almost every year.

“We discussed seriously about mining and building a fertiliser factory in Malawi among other things.

He said they would be looking forward to the time when all what they spoke would be implemented in the country as soon as possible.

A team to conduct a feasibility study on the fertiliser plant will soon come to Malawi.

Gess observed that once implementation of the project is done, Malawi will be a producing and exporting nation, saying no tomato, cucumber or potato will be imported to Malawi.

Not only will Malawi benefit in terms of agriculture prospects, but also in the tourism industry.

According to Asifis, the business will bring in diversified tourism investment to the country to complement efforts by the counterpart company.

Tourism and agriculture are listed as Malawi’s priority in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III.

“Apart from infrastructure development, [thus] agriculture and mining, we are bringing in tourism in a diversified manner which will make Malawi attract a lot of people.

“This will make very good impact for Malawi,” said Asifis.

British Marine, a diversified and integrated industrial group with interests in shipping, mining, logistics and commodity trading, is set to assist Malawi to improve and promote tourism prospects by acting as a promoter and facilitator for Malawi tourism in different parts of the world.

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