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‘Childish Behaviour’ of Hon. Gospel Kazako

By Lyson Sibande

KAZAKO: Very childish

Hon. Gospel Kazako should have manufactured a better and more reasonable excuse as to why government ignored the commemoration of Bingu than claim that it’s because the date of his death is not known.

I am not saying government must always have us commemorate dead presidents. It can be a waste of resources. But I am against this childish behavior of taking serious issues of national importance lightly.

Hon. Kazako knows very well that immediately Joyce Banda took over power she appointed a Commission of Inquiry which established the truth about what happened. The inquiry report gave everything about the death of Bingu from the time he collapsed at State House, what happened in transit to the hospital, what time he died, what happened at the hospital and all the drama that followed until the day the casket arrived back from RSA and viewing of the body begun to the end.

You can’t have the whole Minister of Information saying we don’t know the date of his death. Vuto losakhala serious ndizinthu ili

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