CHAKWERA SLEEPING ON DUTY: Still No Plans For Covid-19 As It Hits Hard


CHAKWERA: Sleeping on duty

The respiratory syndrome coronavirus2( SARS- Cov-2) the virus that causes coronavirus disease 2019( COVID-19) continues to present a catastrophic impact to mankind in a globalized world as many nations are losing human capital and socioeconomic fabric which are the bedrock of every society, including Malawi, the President of Malawi Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera has decided to take ‘let us see and watch’ leadership style when all leaders in the world are on top of their game putting measures that can stop the spike of the pandemic.

So far, no message has come from his office through his Press Secretary or from Office of the President and Cabinet concerning the crisis that whipping the country at an alarming rate.

The Presidential Task Force on covid-19 pandemic has just announced that Kamuzu Central Hospital and Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe are full to capacity of covid-19 patients and can longer accommodate anyone. Crisis!
However, amid financial burden the country is facing, President Chakwera decided to send his Minister of Youths and Sports, “Opanda” Ulemu Msungama to New Delhi, India  just for hair transplant surgery leaving real critical cases to be attended to in various hospitals across the country.

The Minister decides to hold a press briefing to justify his trip but he couldn’t show any hospital document and the knew problems that necessitated his trip to India but he just tried to demonstrate how his hair surgery was done in front of the camera.. Stupidity of the highest order!

Mr President, if you have not seen what leadership takes to be a leader, then you are sleeping on time bomb. This covid-19 pandemic is not going anywhere soon as you may be thinking in your office which pop star Madonna has turned it into theatre ground.

By now, sir you could have addressed Malawians on the clear roadmap settings on how you want to deal with the pandemic as other presidents do all over the world but you have kept quite and delegate all your constitutional obligations to the presidential task force committee that was not chosen by Malawians to lead them.

You have put a blind eye to it. You have obligated your sacred duties to defend Malawians when they need their leader to rise up to the occasion. If you can’t talk to Malawians and instill hope amidst the two crucial times, rainy seasons and pandemic, then you don’t deserve to be in that office anymore. Give us a signal sir that you are still there in office doing something for us. 

Malawians will remember Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika as someone who tried his best when it comes to covid-19 pandemic measures. He could update his fellow citizens on what is going on and measures his government had put in place to contain the spread of the virus.

He took drastic steps to cushion Malawians on covid-19 burden like reducing fuel prices, reducing his salary and for his cabinet ministers, bank rates reduced, increased mtukula pakhomo for women, amongst others. That is what leadership means. Yes, Mutharika has his shortfalls like any person but when it comes to leadership, he knew what he was doing as most Malawians were happy with his measures when it comes to covid-19 pandemic. Bravo!

Sir, your Vice President, Saulosi Chilima who was the same VP to Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika at that time had a very good suggestion on the issue of isolation center.

We have the video of the speech which was monitored on ZBS and Times where he put it in black and white that some State Residences must be turned into Quarantine Centres or Isolation Centres to decongest the existing centers. And you backed his plan at that time. May you simply implement that one now for us to see in you that, you are a man of his words and you keep your promises? It’s not a big deal to do so.

President Chakwera, Malawians need you now than before. This is not a church service where the pastor preaches and the congregation keeps quite. We will not do that in Malawi even under difficult situations. Your leadership is crumbling each passing day. The sympathy vote you had, gone already within six months of your Presidency.

By now, you could have addressed Malawians by among other things convening Parliament to pass a stimulus Bill to bail out some of the vulnerable people in the society and show to us that indeed you are a leader.

By now, you could have told your Ministers to stop travelling outside Lilongwe to other regions to cut costs, by now the hotel industry could have exempted from major taxes so that they continue to operate in the country, by now you could have announced your salary cut, by now fuel prices could have been reduced, by now bank rates reduced, boarders “real” closedown amongst others. What about schools, any motivation to the heath personel?

What about the vaccine issue? But alas, the Pandemic and the President are just talking to each other at State House as friends.

Wake up Malawi 
Follow all the covid-19 pandemic measures and you will be saved. Chakwera is not a caring leader. He thinks that his faith in God alone will stop this pandemic without action. He is out of order and must be condemned as a shepherd who runs away when his sheep is under attack from lions in the bush.

Where are you Mr President?

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