Prophet Bushiri And Some Malawians’ Obsession With Corruption


Bushiri and part of ‘his wealth’

Shepherd Bushiri is innocent until proven guilty. However, the charges against him are very serious. They represent the worst form of corruption.

The list of charges includes money laundering and defrauding poor people of their entire pensions in the name of prosperity gospel.

For a long time now, Malawians have complained about corrupt elements in successive governments. Since governments are made of people, a country cannot have a corrupt free government if it’s people applaud and defend corrupt practices. Corrupt societies always end up producing corrupt governments.

The journey to a corrupt free government in Malawi will require eradication of corruption in all spheres of the society including religion, media, academia and business. To this effect, statements of wholesale support to Mr Bushiri, just because he is a Malawian, are highly regrettable.

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