Mutharika Winning Fresh Presidential Elections

By Henry Mkumbira Phiri

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM Party alliance had a massive campaign ahead of Tuesday polls. They have touched all corners of Malawi and were strategically prepared and positioned.

Their unity defeated my earlier belief and prejudice. How in this world, someone expected Patricia Kaliati and Noel Masangwi to say “KWACHA” except through a miracle.

Kudos to Dr. Saulos Chilima of UTM Party for the job well done. I may not agree with most of his behaviours, but I salute him as Malawi’s greatest political marketer we have ever had.

From push-Ups, carrying the bag of fertilizer, raising the Malawi flag to kneeling down in tears before the masses in Mangochi and Zomba among others …GOTCHA!

We haven’t had much about MCP’s leader Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera; he is very cool and charismatic. He doesn’t pretend and does what is in his heart.

I may not agree with some of his beliefs on governance issues looking at how he managed the Assemblies of God Church during his 18 year tenure as President, but he is a charismatic leader and a man of honour. My former Pastor for that matter.

However, despite having fewer campaigns than the Tonse Alliance, the Mighty Democratic progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) alliance remains the strongest team to beat.

I am of the view that Tuesday’s elections will be decided on tribal grounds not policy based. If you choose to ignore my assertions; Go and do a research in Dowa, Ntchisi, Kasungu Phalombe, Mulanje and Machinga then report to me back your findings.

So far the Mighty DPP and UDF alliance have the biggest tribes in Malawi whom we know can never put a pen on MCP no matter whose head is on the ballot so long as the head hides behind the brand of MCP.

MCP relies heavily on its central region tribe/grip as usual, so we don’t need to pretend here. MCP has always survives because of central region.

UTM a strong partner of MCP doesn’t have any base and it’s very difficult to predict any impact it may have on Tuesday’s polls.

Loyal voters do not have time to listen to parties’ manifestos. They are blind voters and they don’t care.


The Eastern and Southern regions will massively rally behind the DPP UDF Alliance @90% +1

The central region districts of Ntcheu and Nkhota-kota will go for DPPUDF @60%

Salima, Mchinji and Dedza north will give DPPUDF a central region consolation percentage of 20-35% share.

The Northern Region will be shared @ 50% (DPP is very strong in Nkhata-Bay, Rumphi, Chitipa and Karonga but very weak in Mzimba).

There is a higher probability that the DPP-UDF alliance will amass 55%+ votes across Malawi.

I repeatedly ask all DPP-UDF alliance supporters to celebrate next Tuesday’s polls victory responsibly.

The Tonse Alliance has had a lion’s share in marketing and campaigning. The expectation for plot no. 1 is very high.

The judiciary and Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have assured them of imminent victory and any contrary to it will be brain damage.

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