Chaos In Machinga As Chilima’s Private Security Shoots Two Demonstrators

In pain: One of the victims being given first aid by well-wishers

One man’s walk of faith to a mosque in Machinga to pray has ended in tragedy after Saulos Chilima’s bodyguard shot him and another person to death on Friday. And there are reports of the community going amok, bitter with the shooting.

Chilima travelled to Nselema in Machinga to conduct a rally there but things turned ugly on his way to the venue as people around Nselema blocked the road.

Speaking in an audio that is circulating on WhatsApp, an eyewitness reports that people prevented Chilima from proceeding to the venue of the rally in revenge that Chilima has been insulting Malawi’s former President Bakili Muluzi. The area is Muluzi’s home.

In the ensuing fracas, Chilima’s bodyguard sprayed bullets killing two people and injuring several. One of the people that the bodyguard has killed was innocently on his way to the mosque for prayers, the eyewitness said.

And there are pictures circulating on social media of another young man and a woman battling for their lives after sustaining bullet wounds. The woman is in full UDF colours and it is reported she was on her way to a UDF rally in the area.

According to the eyewitness after the incident, the community mobilized to retaliate the death and injuries of their own people. Chilima has earned the description of a violent person after brandshing catapults in his rallies.

But more significantly he has been supporting Human Rights Defenders Coalition in organizing violent demonstrations where he has also participated. At the height of their violence, the opposition protestors killed in cold blood a police officer, Superintendent Imedi Usuman, by stoning him. The killing took place in Lilongwe but Imedi hailed from Mangochi.

2 Responses to "Chaos In Machinga As Chilima’s Private Security Shoots Two Demonstrators"

  1. utmcp   June 6, 2020 at 5:54 am

    Apm was blocked in lilongwe and being a democrat he avoided the demonstrators by taking another route. Apm was stoned in ndirande by utmcp rough neck and no one was shot dead nor injured. Dausi was beaten so severe by utmcp thugs at mec offices and sustained a fracture in his radius but no one was hurt by neither the police nor dpp cadets. Viola was harked by mcp’s abida thugs and no casualties were reported. Ben phiri was beaten to almost death at mount soche by pp ruthless youth who left him unconscious along mudi and no harm nor any form of revenge was reported. He even stopped the police from arresting them after dpp won the elections. This shows how fierce and undemocratic chilima is. Tonse alliance is a bunch of murderers and thugs.

  2. bumbling henchman   June 6, 2020 at 11:19 am

    Despite staying with apm the lad failed to learn what a democrat is? He is now slowly turning into an expert villain. Tonse alliance is an anthropolymorphic jester yet to turn into a magical Cormoran that will hijack our democracy. We need leaders who love life even the ine at the blink of death.


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