Wikise Drops Zikamayenda

By Sylvester Kumwenda, MANA

In a world where people work hard, swim in their sweat to get some money and finally achieve that, Wikise in his brand new song emphasizes on the importance of taking a breather and having a good time worth their hard work.

This is the first release of the artist in the year 2020 after a blockbuster of a year he had in 2019.

The artist, famed Abusa, wastes no time in reminding his fans what he is made of with his signature dance floor attracting tunes.

He has come with the song Zikamayenda, premised around the need for people to be treating themselves with some good times when things are going their way.

“In every day of our lives, people from all walk of lives work very hard in their endeavours in order to provide for themselves and their families. Sometimes things are bad, but sometimes things are good and people make profits.

“The song, as such, is premised around this scenario and talks of the importance for people to, at times when things are good, take out some time and help themselves into a good time and experience life a little,” said Wikise in an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana).

Talking about the song, he says it is a reflection of his life. He says he went through some hard times at one point in life and feels the need of having a good time here and there.

However, the artist cautions on the need for people to make sure they use their finances responsibly.

“It is equally or even more essential for people to make sure they do not spend all their money in the name of kuzipepesa (spoiling themselves). Rather, they should keep some of their money and explore different investment opportunities around for future use,” he said.

The song features one verse from talented youthful rapper Malceba.

“This is a local song. However, I wanted to give it an urban touch so that it becomes a fusion of the two.

“This is where I decided to engage Malceba because he is a very good urban artist and raps very well in Chichewa. He was the natural choice,” said the Urban Music Party 2019 artist of the year.

Wikise revealed that some of the projects in the pipeline include a song Sichina featuring Machuluka who has also produced the song, and Isakakuphonyeni produced by Martin Angelz at MC Studios.  

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