Why MCP-UTM Alliance Is Failing

Saulos Chilima’s plot to kill President Peter Mutharika to take over power has antagonized Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and jeopardized the alliance discussion.

The MCP politburos have argued that MCP already has a reputation for being party of murderers. It will therefore damage the image of MCP further if they should partner with a man who is planning to kill the President who groomed him.

The politburo also fears that Chilima will also plan to kill Chakwera in order to take over government through MCP. This explains why Chilima is demanding too much power in the alliance.

In the negotiations for the intended alliance:

  1. Chilima is demanding that he becomes Deputy President. This means that he wants to have equal powers with the President. He will have the same powers as Chakwera’s powers in all presidential roles, creating two centres of power.
  •  Chilima is demanding that MCP and UTM should abolish their party names and symbols and create a new party with new symbols and different name.
  •  Chilima is demanding that all government portfolios be split in half, shared equally amongst the two parties and Chilima must be given equal powers of OPC, appointments, recruitment and firing.


 By demanding equal powers with the President, Chilima wants to have equal control of the army. He is plotting to topple Chakwera and take over power.

He failed to take over DPP. He is planning the death of Mutharika so that he takes over. Now he is plotting to topple Chakwera and annihilate MCP. MCP, you are warned!

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