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Not all is lost, try technical colleges

By Lyson Sibande

Congratulations to our sons and daughters that have been selected to our public universities. I join their parents to celebrate and wish them well.

But to those children and parents whose children haven’t made it, I say, do not worry. You have not really lost anything. If you don’t make it to private universities as well, don’t cry over it.

What you need to succeed in life is a good character, talent and skills. You don’t only need a University for that.

I studied business at the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton in Kenya. Then I studied business at Malawi Adventist University.

I also studied business with Unicaf University at Master’s level and studied law at University of Malawi- Chancellor College (dropped along the way), then I studied Renewable Energy with Mzuzu University. That’s a total of 5 universities.

But after having been to all those Universities, I have been a student at Lilongwe Technical College since last year where I have studied Electrical & Electronics Engineering and ICT, both with City & Guilds.

Technical Colleges can give you quicker and easier access to real practical skills that your child needs to survive in employment or business.

Unless your child wishes to become a doctor, a lawyer and similar Programmes, universities can be a waste of time if time matters to you. You study too many courses, modules and subjects just to keep you there for 4 years when just a few courses for a year could have worked well enough.

I remember, at the University, learning philosophy, psychology, literature, music, world civilization, English Language, French, etc when all I wanted was to graduate with a business degree.

At Technical College, you don’t have time to study what you didn’t go there for. It saves time and money. That’s why you don’t stay there unnecessarily too long and you come out well equipped within a short period.

Not all is lost. Try Technical Colleges. I am speaking after experiencing both worlds. Good luck!!

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