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2 DAYS OF GOD’S TOUCH: Apostle Nyirongo’s CFCAN to hold a crusade at Robins Park in Blantyre

Led by the Holy Spirit, Christ Fellowship Church for All Nations (CFCAN), has organized a two day healing and  deliverance crusade at Robins Park in Blantyre from 4 to 5 August 2023.

In an interview with Malawi Voice on Tuesday Apostle Dr. Mc Hellings Nyirongo of CFCAN said the ‘Two days of God’s Touch’ crusade will be held under the theme: “The Hand of God Solves All Problems”.

According to the highly respected God’s messenger Apostle Dr. Nyirongo, among others, people will witness the power and the hand of God changing lives through words of wisdom, knowledge, revelations, healing miracles and deliverance.

“People are going to experience the hand of God with signs and wonders, they will receive the power of Holy Spirit and their lives will transform spiritually,” said Apostle Dr. Nyirongo, adding that God ordered him to conduct the crusade in-order to set free those in captive.

The highly respected man of God, Apostle Dr. Nyirongo further said that only people with Holy Ghost must be trusted and as stand it is only him and his CFCAN church that can be trusted.

Apostle Nyirongo also pointed out that a number of God’s servant nowadays stage prophecies using technology which is not the case with him, as he is a true servant of God.

According to Apostle Dr. Nyirongo, lies and failure by other servants of God should not be used as a judging and condemning theory on every servant of God saying ‘always true servants shall exist and false one’s too’.

 “Many people today are discouraged and disappointed when they hear prophecies and miracles because for quite a long time many servants of God have staged prophecies and miracles using computer technology,” said Apostle Nyirongo

He adds: “As it stands, the only people with Holy Ghost shall do greater works than Jesus did (John 14 V 12).”

Apostle Dr. Mc Hellings Nyirongo is well known in Malawi and across the globe for his accurate prophecies, miracles healing and deliverance.

He was called and sent by Jesus Christ Himself and he does what others can not do except they have Holy Ghost too.

For further esquires call or whatsapp Christ Fellowship Church for All Nations (CFCAN) on +265997314371/­0992526825 0r email via cfcanchurch122014@gm­

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