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SKC has a joker but…


I met someone who said something to me yesterday about DPP and UTM. Therefore, I will only say this.

There is no brilliant, practical and calculative political strategist who can even imagine that UTM would need to get into an electoral alliance with DPP to make SKC president come 2025. That’s not possible. It’s not even possible with MCP.

Neither MCP nor DPP can accept an alliance with UTM on condition of giving SKC the candidacy. Even elementary understanding of politics will show you that that’s a non-starter.

The only way SKC can get the candidacy and win any election is to disband UTM and join the DPP or MCP. Of course, he is more likely to be accepted back in DPP than in MCP. Unfortunately, DPP recently amended it’s elective conference laws barring those that left the party from contesting. I hope you see the dilemma.

SKC should have played his cards long time back. But he always takes unnecessarily too long to act on bold political decisions. SKC has joker (UTM), but it’s joker woti adzamufera mmanja because he already missed the opportunity to throw it.

So, you may like it or not, but there is no way SKC will be a candidate of any alliance that would involve the two giants – MCP and DPP. These two giants of our politics can’t outsource leadership from a smaller party and they also can’t trust SKC to protect their interests if he ruled with UTM.

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