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Bravo Honourable Nankhumwa, that was brilliant


I have always said Gotani Hara is partisan, emotional and propagandist. In my world, she doesn’t suit the role of a speaker and if she has an iota of remorse, the best is resign. I can’t imagine how she will continue transacting after massive undressing by Ben Phiri. Ben was right, Gotani watched opposition members including Chakwera, then, throw unrespectful words on APM. Her very team threw tipex on him, called him names, “crook”, “Prince of thieves”, “pathological lie” etc. She took no action against anyone, neither sanctioning anyone, she freely let those unmannered MCP mps demean the state President, then APM. Today, she is fighting against anything thrown on a terrible leader and failure like Chakwera. Gotani, resign.

If there is a best response to SONA ever delivered in Malawi then its the one delivered yesterday by Nankhumwa. I am very satisfied he delivered an exclusive and insightful topnotch response that defeated all lies and misleading traits in the SONA. Indeed, the president should have began on progress gained from the previous budget, challenges, their corrective measures and improved programs in this budget.

Indeed in the SONA the president has been silent on many critical issues. His family members led us to loose 30 billion kwacha in UK by buying fertilizer from a butcher and the same people are behind the theft of fertilizer in Mozambique. Indeed Chakwera’s friend stole our maize from Admarc, and Chakwera never made a statement on this. Indeed Chakwera saw the booing of the name Zamba, and he listened to the serious accusations Buluma made against Zamba, but Chakwera never made a comment on such serious accusations.

The southern region and northern are being sidelined in jobs, projects and AIP, the president remains silent. Indeed the president the first to break his own words but living an extravagant life amidst poor malawians. Indeed, the president is a lier, has no direction, has poor finance management skills and does not have Malawians at heart. Indeed Khumbize wept. The best Dr. Chakwera should do now, is to resign as he promised.

Bravo Honourable Nankhumwa for that magnificent response. That was brilliant.

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