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“Chakwera has a group of men he regards as paragons of the law that are fooling him”


The whole speech was narcissistic but let us examine how Chakwera tackled Martha Chizuma for us to see how narcissism came through.

Before we do that, it is important to remember that we are a representative democracy! Chakwera is not our god, nor our chief, nor our king.

Chakwera’s hand clappers in MCP called Azimwale give him the impression that he is some kind of god, above the constitution. No, he is not. That is not the case with the system as our country has it.

His review and analysis of corruption and the position and continuity of Martha Chizuma as ACB director can’t be based on his will and sympathy. Also the operational strategy of the ACB is outside his mandate. He can’t say that he is going to fire Martha Chizuma if she is not going to adhere to whatever strategy he wants Zamba to come up with. That happens at Assemblies of God or Kasiya, not in a democracy.

In a democracy, Chakwera, his family, Zamba, Mvalo, Thabo, Kayuni, the new DPP who must be careful not to be another Kayuni being Chakwera’s tool and Thabo’s chola boy, Chakwera’s ministers etc are not above the law. They are within the limit of those that can be investigated by Martha Chizuma. It is bonkers therefore to condition Chizuma”s longevity as ACB director on their strategy.

It doesn’t look like Chakwera respects Martha Chizuma. He doesn’t read her reports based on which to be informed about corruption in the country. It is possible because she is a woman or because, like he keeps on saying, he picked her, forgave her and he is maintaining her. Instead, Chakwera has a group of men he regards as paragons of the law that are fooling him.

All in all, the Chakwera that Chakwera carried in his speech about the Twea Report is the Chakwera that we need to intellectually exorcise from our political psyche. It is a sick and very dangerous notion of a president that we don’t want in our country if we value democracy

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