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Welcome back SKC, You remain the hope of Malawi

By Bashir Al Bashir

SKC and UTM vice president Michael Usi

There are millions of Malawians who loved him, still love him, but did not like his association with Malawi Congress Party (MCP). Those many are silent now because the side he (Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima) switched to is so ‘zimwaleric’ (primitive/clueless) and failed to deliver in this time and age.

If he switches side to independence, those millions will rise in support. They still trust his prowess; he is a man who can do politics differently. A man you can engage, a law abiding citizen but most importantly visionary and innovative.

Their silence I repeat, sikuti anamutsika, koma Ali mbali yolakwika (Malawians are still behind him, only that he is siding with wrong side).

In few months this man is going to speak. In few months he will start throwing bombs. Former President Professor Peter Mutharika was strong enough with withstand him, I wonder if Chief {President Lazarus Chakwera} will withstand his pressure.

At that point, his millions shall rise, other leaders shall join, coalitions will be made, by 2024 MCP would have lost government smartly, they already retreated to central region in 2022 before even saying a word. Welcome back SKC, we missed you. You remain the hope of Malawi.

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