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Chakwera’s stay in USA was for his tongue and belly…he came with empty mind


CHAKWERA: He is destroying Malawi

Kamuzu stayed in UK for long, over 30 years of his life. When he came to Malawi, his accent was no near the British. He just spoke well fluently. Besides, he tried to up his game to the level of places he has been. That’s raw education.

Bingu spent over 30 years of his life abroad. Lived amongst British, Americans, Indians. When he came back, his accent didn’t scare us even an inch. Besides, he tried to bring to Malawi developments he admired in foreign countries. That’s raw education.

APM spent over 30 years of his life abroad and in USA. He came back without American accent. But, he is one fine president who inherited a broken economy with high inflation and suffering the shocks of devaluation suffice to mention withdraw of donors. As if not enough, his first two years were hit by heavy floods, regardless, he built the economy, normalised kwacha, lowered inflation, banked sufficient Forex and brought home remarkable infrastructural developments.

Dr. Chakwera spent only 4 years during his PhD. When he came back he came back an American. Fine and good. I am worried, he came with empty mind. If what we are seeing of his leadership is anything to go by, then cooked crookedly. His stay in USA was for his tongue and belly. Raw education failed terribly on him. I am scarce, he is destroying Malawi. Prove us wrong, fire Zamba, Director General of Immigration, PS of Trade, Kruger Nyambalo, and arrest all these plus Evalista.

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