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By Williams Kaponda, Citizen

I wish I had a chance to talk to the new police constables; if I had an opportunity, standing to face our new work force at Limbe parade ground in Blantyre, I would’ve told them;

Be at ease, life has its time to award its people. Forget the way you came in, Expect, but not wholeheartedly;

Life is like a parade. Some of you few months from now you’ll be bosses. Be humble. Some of you 10 years to come you’ll still be constables. Be humble. Life isn’t a race.

Respect your seniors. Listen to them. BUT learn to do things within the law. Don’t ever make a mistake assuming ranks on shoulders translate to wisdom. Read with your consciousness.

Some of you will be fired. Some will change jobs. Some will go to the top. Others will remain stagnant because they’ve nowhere to go. It’s life!

To those who’ll have ranks, remember your friends. You’ve come along way together. Remember how you shared water, sugar, and porridge just to see each other attain your goals.

In “here”, others have gotten ranks for pulling down others. Don’t be the one. Life is a cycle.

To girls, YOU are YOU until you refuse promotion, branch, allowance, favour for sex in self-respect.

‘Here’, to rise you need four things: social capital (Connections), Education, Money, and God. However, most survivors are those with God, and Education.

Pray, and pray! Then go to school. Don’t wait for opportunities, we create them.

Salary has never made ‘officers’ rich ‘in the service’. People are surviving on debts. Illegal means. Be clever; create other means to generate income.

You’ll be called “thieves.” Despite having degrees, here you’ll be called uneducated. But, remember, you’re on an oath to serve Malawians. Please! Serve them professionally.

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