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Tumaini, HangOut 2022 Festivals Clash

By Harold Kapindu

Tumaini Festival has once again proved to be one of the biggest arts and cultural Festivals in the world.

Since 2014, the Festival has made history for becoming the only free of charge Festival that happens within a Refugee Camp.

However, the Festival has been facing challenges ranging from lack of finances to clash of dates with other Festivals.

Tumaini Festival 2022 almost failed to happen due to lack of financial resources towards the organization of this global event.

Organizers managed to host a series of fundraising events including that one that took place on Friday, 21st October at Tyre Trove, Area 4 behind Amina House in Malawi’s Capital, Lilongwe.

A few years ago, Tumaini clashed with Sand Music Festival despite the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism having and knowing the calendar of events.

Speaking during the event, Director of Arts in the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism, Humphrey Mpondaminga hailed the Tumaini 2022, saying it gives a space to the refugees to showcase their talent and interact with the wider world.

Gospel artist Ethel Kamwendo Banda(Centre) at Tumaini festival

“We need to appreciate what other people can showcase regardless of their background. We are one and we have one heritage. We have a lot of things in common.

“The dances performed at Tumaini Festival by our fellow brothers and sisters from other countries resemble to our traditional dances,” he said.

Tumaini Festival which took place from 3rd to 6th November this year clashed with Hangout Music Festival to 4th to 6th of November, 2022.

In a statement, HangOut Events said, “With advice from other stake holders regarding the Cholera outbreak in Salima District, management has agreed to shift the event of Hangout Music Festival to 4th to 6th of November, 2022.

“The shift has been done to accommodate serious measures and also disinfecting the area that will accommodate thousands of people, it is our utmost interest to make sure that everyone is safe during this time.

“We sincerely apologise for the shift but the show will go on lets hangout at the lake while we are safe.”

According to reports, Hangout Music Festival failed to live up to expectation despite having a top billing roster that included Jamaican iconic reggae artist, Jahmiel and South Africa’s Musa Keys alongside celebrated Malawian musicians.

Despite advanced tickets being pegged at K25,000 and K30,000 at the door, top musicians such as Lulu and Mathumela Band reportedly pulled out of the event.

On the other hand, Tumaini is a free of charge event which attracts people from all walks of life.

Government regimes, foreign envoys have hailed the event for its economic impact on both Refugees and Malawian businesses; international artists have rubbed shoulders with local acts while cultural activities have also been shared.

Some Refugees further took advantage of Tumaini 2022 Festival by staging a protest against authorities as they demanded better living conditions in the Camp.

Dzaleka Refugee Camp was originally built to accommodate 10,000 but is now a home of over 50,000 refugees and asylum seekers.

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