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BREAKING NEWS: British MPs to Quiz Chakwera Over £30million Theft

Growing news that Malawi’s billions of money meant for the poor have been stolen through British banks have prompted some British Members of Parliament to raise their concerns in the British Parliament.

Billions of money intended to buy fertilizer for vulnerable Malawians has vanished in thin air through a staged business company whose address turns out to be a gambling site and a butchery on some dismal London streets. The company was deregistered and its bank accounts closed as soon as £30 million was wired to them.

The company owners met President Chakwera in Malawi before being awarded the contract. There was no tender floated or any procurement procedures followed as required by law.

Increasing information is now suggesting that the theft was arranged by Malawi Government officials and involves the President’s family members who transacted with the full knowledge of President Chakwera himself.

The theft of the billions involving what is now called “a gambling government” of Malawi has raised serious concerns in the British society. The corruption and theft scandal follows another case in which billions of Malawian taxpayers were again allegedly stolen through British banks.

The UK Government has a law and a strong policy that forbids and prosecutes politicians from poor countries who use the UK institutions to steal money or keep in the UK money stolen from their countries. The British Parliament will demand their government to explain what they are doing about an African President and his diplomatic daughter in London on allegations of using the UK as a channel for stealing money from Malawi.

British MPs are raving with anger especially as the theft of the Malawi billions is mentioning a diplomat in the London Malawi High Commission, who is also the President’s daughter. There is a feeling that one African President has made the UK his playing ground as a conduit of his theft and corruption.

Social media has unreservedly expressed Malawians’ anger with growing fears that the stolen money has been shared up into offshore accounts. This happens in a year when Malawians are suffering the high cost of living and hunger without any prospects for affordable fertilizers.

Meantime, Malawi government is working round the clock to divert public attention from the fertilizer theft of billions. Government released a lame refutation in a press release which Malawians rejected.

Government tried to leak a propaganda story claiming that K16bn went missing from the Loans Board in 2019. But the Loans Board only got a total funding of K9bn in that year. The story, which was leaked by a top official at the Director of Public Prosecution was rejected by some reporters because it had marks of propaganda without any supporting evidence.

Government has now paid off one reporter at Times to make the Loans Board story look credible by revising the figure downward from K16bn to K1bn.

Chakwera’s government is panicking to divert public attention from the fertilizer money theft which has triggered international implications. British Government will demand an investigation to prevent the UK government, banks and business agencies from being implicated in theft and corruption of President Chakwera’s government.

The British MPs in Westminster could sanction Lazarus Chakwera, his family members and those he is shielding from entering the United Kingdom.

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  1. A lot of scandals by our president has reached a point where nobody knows whether the man has brains, shame, soul, compassion, humanity, and sense of responsibility towards the poor people who woke up that cold morning to vote for him anticipating a change as preached by him during his campaign trail. The rate at which public finances is being stolen surpasses any normal understanding and the embezzlement done in West Africa is child’s play.

    No day passes by without hearing that a government or parastal organisation has swindled yet more money. All that is what has fast tracked shortage of forex, fuel, drugs, blackouts etc. The reason why the culprits haven’t been held to account is because the man at the helm is aware of what is going on since the subjects are merely acting on directives from his office. He thought he was shrewd enough to cheat 19 million Malawians by applying kindergarten chicanery. Right now his plate is overflowing with financial scandals and the country needs solutions immediately. Previously there has been a lot of hand clapping for mediocrity, blind support and affiliations, substandard leadership etc. Time is now to let Chakwera come up and clear all that nonsense, him being the leader and all that happening during his watch, he needs to explain because the time he was taking over at least the country was thriving economically and most services were up and running. The moment he came in he engaged on his travels, corruption, nepotism and below par delivery of everything.

    Unfortunately, there’s no credible opposition in the country whereby one could confidently say it is government in waiting. There is a lot of bickering and infighting within DPP. Everyone who sees himself fit wants to vie for the presidency in the party which could possibly catapult them to plot number 1; after seeing the shameful performance of the Tonse Allisnce torch-bearer. They too think they could give it a try. But the stage we are at means trial and error sort of leadership is not desired at all because people do not want a repeat of this rubbish. The question still remains – “If Kwantele was removed by the majority of Malawians consensus, with DPP’s dilly-dallying in their camp, who will lead the nation?” I am sure Prof. AP Mutharika did his part and nobody would wish to see him back into active politics bearing in mind his age and that right now he is enjoying his pension at Page House. This is food for thought for DPP unless one comes up with an interim measure that the country be run by people who will be picked from various parties to manage the country till fresh elections is carriedout. Bluntly speaking, Kwantele has been a disaster and as such shouldn’t be given more time to continue bringing the country on its knees because of ‘Dyera’ and selfishness. He needs to go now – now – now!!! Tatopa!!!


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