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Chakwera holds bilateral talks with Zambia’s President in Kinshasa

By Wallace Chipeta in Kinshasa

Kinshasa, August 18, Mana: Malawi and Zambia leaders have agreed to jointly double their efforts to fight human rights abuses, corruption and promote trade among their people.

Presidents of Malawi and Zambia, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and President, Hakainde Hichilema respectively addressed the press in Kinshasa, DRC on Wednesday after their bilateral talks on the sidelines of the 42nd Ordinary Summit of SADC Heads of State and Government.

President Chakwera said their discussions centred much on deepening bilateral ties between the two countries and boosting trade between peoples of Zambia and Malawi.

As countries sharing boundaries, he said there was need to promote relations, trade and a sense of brotherhood between Malawi and Zambia.

Chakwera thanked the Zambian government for giving a hand towards apprehension of Chinese National Lu Ke, who had fled to Zambia because was suspected of racial exploitation of Malawian minors. 

“Someone had gone into Zambia because he was being investigated on human rights abuses, thinking he was safe but Zambian government managed to bring him back to Malawi,” he told journalists.

Malawi Leader hailed Zambian government for its assistance rendered to Malawians following a road accident involving nine health workers during their study tour to Zambia.

“The health workers went to Zambia to undertake a benchmarking study (of how Zambia was managing the medical logistics and medicines supply system).

In the road accident, three died on spot and six others were injured in Monze Province of Zambia due to tyre burst on August 10, 2022 but were treated in Zambia.

However, President Hichilema said, “Yes, we lost lives; we did offer the little because that’s our responsibility. It not something we can be thanked for its our obligation. We offer condolences to people of Malawi,” he said.

 The nine officers were from Central Medical Stores Trust and Ministry of Health expected to tour Zambia from  August 7 to 15 2022.

On corruption, President Chakwera said the two countries have both focused on fighting it so that money does not go to particular individuals through fraudulent means, but better serve people of both countries.

The Zambian Leader stated that Malawi and Zambia are one despite their borders and hence the need to facilitate trade between their peoples to uplift their economy and standard of living.

Theme for the 42nd Ordinary SADC Summit is: promoting industrialization through, agro-processing, mineral beneficiation, and regional value chains for inclusive and resilient economic growth.

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