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MARTHA CHIZUMA REPORT? Chakwera to address Malawians tomorrow

Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera will address the nation tomorrow, Tuesday.

According to the Statehouse Press Officer Anthony Kasunda, the address is scheduled for 6 in the evening.

The address follows social media reports that the Anti-corruption Bureau (ACB) Chief Martha Chizuma has furnished the President with a report regarding investigations into corruption dealings by Zuneth Sattar.

The social media reports indicate that some government, state house top officials have been implicated.

Also on the list, as speculated, are top members of the Judiciary, media, police, Malawi Revenue Authority and the Malawi Defence Force.

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  1. aBusa achinyengo. Mpaka ndinthu kupempherera Sattar-gate. Basi dzanja lalemba, no reverse. That is usually the case when you take national matters as your own and begin dipping your hand in the coffers who proceeds come from peoples taxes.

    A couple of days ago I watched Wonder Msiska discussing the ministers salaries and unexplained allowances. Hearing all that left me wondering if at all the leader of this country knows how carelessly our taxes are being used or was that just decided by Sosten Gwengwe unilaterally? Money goes to them and yet there is no medicines in hospitals, really? Surely this needs an explanation by whoever is responsible for managing this country. We can not continue like this and say we are following all the regulations, that the wealth is shared equally, that we have a caring leadership, that all the nations watchdogs are doing their work. That is out of this universe and therefore a joke and unheard of. And I am told that that is just the tip of the iceberg. Koma tili m’mabvuto!!


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