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Malawi Rebuff Minister Timothy Mtambo On Susu Negotiation

The controversial video

The University of Malawi Child Right Legal Clinic has strongly rejected and condemned an offer from Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo to mediate a dialogue between the group, Ministry of Gender, Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy on the Susu matter.

The Unima Child Right Legal Clinic is set to conduct demonstrations tomorrow, Tuesday in Lilongwe against the conduct of a Chinese national Lu Ke, commonly known as Susu, who captured himself on record abusing children by encouraging them to use racist language.

However, Mtambo offered himself to mediate over the matter a development that has apparently shocked the Unima Child Right Legal Clinic and other activists in the country.

The Clinic’s key member Alex Kamangila said their meeting with the three ministries and Chinese Embassy was meant to officially express their anger on the issue before staging demonstrations.

“There is nothing to mediate,” he said.

Backing the stand, a seasoned child right activist MacBain Mkandawire advised the clinic not to “go low for the mediation on violated children’s rights.”

He added: “Your earlier position of taking action is the right one. We need justice for the children. We are waiting to hear where they will meet and express our anger and disappointment on this matter.

“Children are the message we send to the next generation. What message are we sending? That our children can be abused and we only mediate? As a citizen and a Child Rights Activists organisation, we cannot accept that our children be abused by foreigners and only mediate.”

On her part, Habiba Osman argued: “You can never negotiate with a terrorist, human trafficker or child exploiter.”

And writer and educationist Ndangolera Mwangupili was of the view that what Malawi needed was to hear of Susu being brought to book.

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