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CDEDI pens Chinese Ambassador in demand for an apology…or else brace for endless demonstrations

By Iommie Chiwalo

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI), has failed to remain silent in exchange for Chinese development projects over child exploitative matter by a racist Lu Ke.

The human rights organisation has since written Chinese Ambassador to Malawi demanding an apology.

In a letter addressed to the Ambassador, CDEDI says has arrived at the decision after being shocked with the lukewarm approach the Chinese Embassy in Malawi took in reaction to the serious incident that required a swift action, and not just the social media post that was released by the embassy.

The letter signed by CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa expresses that a lot has been said but very little has been done since the disgusting video recordings that have gone viral containing racial attacks and child exploitation incidences.

Namiwa has called on the Ambassador to issue a formal apology saying the silence on the part of the Chinese Embassy on this serious matter is so deafening, and to put it bluntly, it is in a way an endorsement of the racism attacks; and it appears this is the stance the Chinese government has taken on Malawians in particular, and the black community in general.

“If this was not the case, then the suspect, Mr. Lu Ke, would have been arrested by now, and a public apology would have been issued by the Chinese Embassy in Malawi,” reads the letter.

CDEDI has warned that the Chinese Embassy should brace for endless peaceful demonstrations in the absence of an apology.

“Brace for endless peaceful demonstrationswhich at some point will culminate into vigils at the embassy premises, until your Excellency apologises to the people of Malawi, and the suspect, Mr. Lu Ke, gets arrested,” Namiwa warns.

He added that the Ambassador should keep in mind that delaying tactics on this shameful act will not help matters.

“Malawians refuse to have friends that say juicy things on the podium, and use insulting and demeaning words from behind the scenes. Malawians want friends that are ready to respect their dignity as human beings,” Namiwa says.

Majority are surprised at how the Chinese community did not condemn the child exploitative remarks before exposé having seen it on Chinese forums and amid confirmation that it was seen making rounds in 2020 only to have it made public by the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC’s) Africa Eye.

According to Namiwa, the conduct by the Chinese Embassy on its own, reduces the aforementioned social media post by the Chinese Embassy, to a pure public relations stunt that is insulting the very same people that the Chinese government calls true friends saying true friendship does not hesitate to issue an apology whenever the other side feels offended or hurt.

Meanwhile ministry of national unity is facilitating dialogue between Chinese Embassy and concerned stakeholders especially child rights protection organisations. Ministry’s spokesman Collins Chimera has confirmed of the arrangement.

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  1. Yes, the embassy must apologize or else it will give and indication that they support what their citizen did. But I understand a company apologized.


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