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Dr. Ben Phiri was right, Chakwera is illiterate on the transaction lingo

The problem with Chakwera where the IMF is concerned is like Ben Phiri said, he is illiterate on the transaction lingo.

You can see this when you read the Facebook posts that he made after talking to IMF. He is full of lies and political.

He talked about correcting DPP anomalies and reducing his local and international trips as the two things he has done to fix the economy.

We all know that what he is talking about as DPP anomalies is a current court issue in its essence. He therefore could not have done anything to fix it without a court determination.

He is also lying about his trips. He is wasting a lot of money on himself and his family through these aimless trips.

Like the bishops have said, corruption and mismanagement is worse under his administration.

The only solution for our country is for Chakwera to get out.

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