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God bless you Mlaka. God bless you Benadetta. May God show you the way!


Watched the whole exclusive interview of Mlaka Maliro and his wife with Brian Banda.

I am one of people who rarely get moved by what others say or do. It takes something really out of the ordinary to move me. And these days, I try hard to avoid commenting on everything. If I comment, ndiye kuti I have been moved kwambiri for one reason or another.

Mlaka Maliro and his wife Benadetta ndi banja lachitsanzo kwa ife tonse, makamaka azibambo. Lets love our wives and stand with them like Mlaka. Azimayi amafuna mamuma who will understand them, listen to them, and be their strength.

Komanso nanu azimayi learn from Benedetta. Mlaka’s love is reciprocal to how his wife treats him and what she has done in his life. You will see that Mlaka changed from his life of drunkenness and smoking fodya wamkulu into a powerful pastor due to the patience and support of his wife who guided him to the Lord. Ngati mukufuna kukondendwa ngati Benadetta, then be supportive and understanding of your husbands weaknesses and help them grow. They will notice that and love you more.

Mlaka ndi Mlaka. He keeps winning my heart. Ine ndi mkazi wanga ma live shows ake sindiziphonya olo atatchaja 50,000. If Mlaka joined politics today, I would even come out of my retirement and help him. Not for victory but for honor to stand with an inspiring man. Olo atatsekula church yake, titha kukadutsako nkupembedza pang’ono ngakhale uzimu wanga unafooka kalekale.

Finally, aMalawi learn to avoid gossip and spreading false rumours that can destroy people if you have no evidence. Amiseche mwachita manyazi.

Seriously, God bless you Mlaka. God bless you Benadetta. May God show you the way.

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