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When Chakwera and Chilima are both in South trying to outdo each other on petty…

By Regina Thindwa


This week both President and Vice President are in the Southern region trying to outdo each other.

Forget about the crop inspection and reforms tours they are preaching to you.These people are in campaign mood. Who shall have the best PR stunt for 2025, that is the aim behind all these trips.

Come to your mind that does it need the president to visit three districts in the same region to inspect crops? You and me, we know that Blantyre ADD covers both Thyolo and Chiradzulu districts. So why visiting both districts? What am trying to say is that reports from both districts can be combined and given to president Chakwera.

Up to now, I don’t know why prayers must be part of presidential public events. Everyone knows that Chakwera is a pastor and and a ‘prayerful’ person. This is his private life and has nothing to do with the people of Malawi. Don’t give us programs of someone’s personal beliefs. One day, OPC will be tempted to give us the menu he has been served with on his table. This has to stop forthwith.

The Vice President is in town as well. Doing what is known for, Reforms.

But wait a minute. Reports that he wrote to his boss about the reforms are still gathering dusts in his bosses’s office up today. So what type of reforms is he conducting and to whom does he report? After all he is just heading a minor department in OPC that the PS can as well handle. Give us a break!

Both Chakwera and Chilima are misusing taxes of the poor. This combination has been the worst so far in Malawi democracy system.

I cry for my vote!

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  1. As things are right now in Malawi, there is no leadership. All we have are 2 Village Idiots, circus Clowns having their priorities upside-down. The one expected to be pulling the strings is scared and is always outperformed by his subject, who is slightly clever compared to his boss.

    The scenario we have as a nation can be compared to a story whereby two blind people are trying to lead each other in their blind state. Can such a pair achieve a pragmatic headway? Not very surprising that nothing seem to work because these two blind people are moving us in circles, if not moving in reverse gear.

    The country is ours and if nothing is done, we will end up with nothing to show or hold onto as a people. The resources they are mismanaging is not personal but collectively coming from our taxes. Enough damage has already been done and its high time these two clowns were booted out and told to return what is not theirs. Till when are we going to entertain mediocrity and crap? Suggestions and advice has always been there from well wishers but it has deliberately been swept under the carpet because the whole rot meted involves them and most times has been masterminded by them.

    Listen to an interview on Times TV from Sylvester Ayuba James. He bravely tells it all that the weakness is right at the top and the source is the State House. He has employed friends, relatives, his church members etc. As such whipping them after doing something wrong has become impossible; or should we say those things are perpetrated through instructions from him hence the inaction? Yeah! the rubble he highly preached in his early days is himself and he knew what he was saying. These people need to be checked and disciplined in real terms. Amati “muvi oyang’anira suchedwa kugwera m’maso.”


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