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DC Blocks Anti-Ashok Nair Demos… ‘The Matter is in Court’

The Lilongwe District Council has cancelled permission for the demonstrations organized by a grouping called Citizens against Impunity and Corruption.

The demonstration was targeting Ashok Nair who sued Martha Chizuma, ACB Director General over defamation.

According to a statement by Dr. Lawford Palani, Lilongwe District Commissioner, the permission has been cancelled because the matter is still in court.

Among others, the organizers want corruption suspect Ashok Nair to withdraw his court case against ACB boss Martha Chizuma.

Nair sued Chizuma for defamation following a leaked phone conversation in which Chizuma made a number of serious allegations, including that a High Court judge granted Nair– bail in exchange for a bribe.

This angered Nair who says his image and reputation have been battered; hence, his decision to claim damages from Chizuma through the court.

Meanwhile, the Blantyre Chief Resident Magistrate Court has set March 1, 2022, as the date when it will rule on whether or not to commence criminal proceedings against Chizuma in a case where Forum for National Development (FND) wants the court to summon her to answer criminal charges in relation to the same audio clip.

Chief Resident Magistrate Jean Kaira has been assigned the case whose application, according to the Registrar of the High Court and Supreme Court of Appeal, Gladys Gondwe, was already heard in the court.

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