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Top Activist Bon Kalindo Hits Back on Onjezani Kenani over Britain Interference on Malawi Security

KALINDO: I’m asking authorities here on why they allowed Britain to investigate military weapons and ammunitions

Fearless human rights activist and freedom fighter Bon ‘Winiko’ Kalindo has hit back at self-styled social media influencer Stanley Onjezani Kenani on British Interference on Malawi’s security.

This follows series of Kenani’s facebook post directly attacking Kalindo whose crime was to demand an explanation from Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) as to why they allowed Britain Investigation Unit to investigate country’s weapons and Ammunition.

According to Kalindo, giving foreign investigators access to inspect country’s weapons and ammunition exposes Malawi’s weakness to the outside world which is a threat to state security.

But in his facebook posts, Kenani accused Kalindo of receiving money from some Malawians of Asian Origin in order to get rid of ACB boss Martha Chizuma as well as diverting people attention.

In 11 minutes viral audio clip made available to the publication, the comedian-cum politician Kalindo described Kenani’s allegation as false and baseless.

He further appealed to Kenani to learn to mind his own business.

“Mr. Kenani, please learn to mind your business…kodi chimene mukufuna kwa ine ndi chani? zoti inu mukufuna kukhala President wa dziko ndi maziwa?…Musiye kufuna kuwoneka mwa nzeru pa gulu” said Kalindo in the clip.

He added: “I’m asking authorities here on why they allowed Britain to investigate military weapons and ammunitions, Iam not asking you Mr. Kenani, ine zolowana mkabadula sindifuna,”

The man of the moment Kalindo also warned Kenani who resides in France to stop misquoting him.

Meanwhile, Kalindo has given five days to ACB Czar Martha Chizuma and Malawi Defence Force (MDF) Commander Vincent Nundwe to explain why they allowed Britain to investigate country’s ammunitions.

Bon Kalindo has since vowed to continue fight for Malawians who are voiceless.

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  1. Kalindo you are doing well really and forget about that foolish kenyata he is a fool idiot he doesn’t know what’s good for him all he wants is attention from you.


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