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We Say No to Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign – CDEDI

We Say No to Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign – Namiwa

The Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI), has noted with great concern growing tendency by the majority of Malawians who choose just to resign to fate, suffer in silence or, worse still, take action when it is too late to make meaningful change or impact.

CDEDI’s concern is being registered at a time when Malawians have chosen to remain silent, and are just watching the Tonse Alliance administration, under President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, forcing the Covid-19 vaccination on both willing and unwilling citizens, come January, 2022.

The Chakwera administration has already announced the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for all public servants, including teachers and our men and women in uniform, or risk being fired.

We at the CDEDI are stunned with government’s directive, bearing in mind that countries with highest vaccination rates, such as Israel, the United Kingdom (UK) and the whole Europe, are reporting increased cases of the Covid-19, whereas in Malawi, there are nil deaths, with only 3.4 percent vaccination rate. What is the motive behind Malawi government’s directive?

Thus far, there is no evidence that the booster jabs are needed or necessary. However, it is proving risky because not many tests have been conducted on the vaccine’s side effects.

That said, we believe we should learn to live with Covid-19, the way we have done with other diseases that have rocked our nation.

The fight against Covid- 19 should not overshadow the fights against malaria, HIV and Aids, cancer, TB, BP, malnutrition and, of course, dehumanising poverty, which are equally taking a toll on our nation.

We are appealing to the Tonse Alliance administration to desist from merely copying what other countries are doing, for example, implementing lockdowns and mandatory policies without any basis.

Instead of imposing the unwarranted vaccine, government should promote healthy living such as keeping fit and avoiding sugars and processed foods, which are making people vulnerable to many non-communicable diseases and, by extension, Covid-19.

CDEDI strongly believes that Malawians have a right to freely choose life and go for the vaccine, while others can also choose life by deciding not to take the jab. It should not be a compulsory affair.

Malawians may wish to know that there are endless protests in Australia, the UK, and the United States of America (USA) against the forced jabs. However, such events have been given total black out by the reputable media houses in Europe.

Many people cannot speak freely and share their opinions on Covid-19 because they fear for their jobs, and censorship on Facebook and Twitter. This is making people wonder whether this is about Covid-19, or something else?

We at CDEDI, have also noted with concern that some employers are packing their employees into trucks to various vaccination centres to get the forced jab. This is a total violation of the rights of those employees and a violation of the Employment Act.

 CDEDI is appealing to all those subjected to such kind of treatment to come forward so that such employers should be dragged to court.

Last, but not the least, CDEDI is appealing to all well-wishers to join hands in moving the courts to stop the forced Covid-19 vaccine, when its effectiveness of the same has not yet been scientifically proven.



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