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Come Ku Ndirande, Bwana President

That President Reverend Lazarus Chakwera is eloquent goes beyond doubt. He is certainly not your moderate jive talker.

He was at his best during the last leg of the campaign for the Constitutional Court-sanctioned presidential election. It was at Njamba when he hammered the nails on the head, that his government would be a world apart from the way the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was running affairs of the State.

He reiterated, fluently, how his government would reduce the price of fertilizer to K4 000 n’kanthu. Ably, he indicated no student would fail to pursue education because of lack of fees.

Not only did Chakwera make the points sink in our minds with words alone. He put on a red boxing glove. He punched two or three jabs into the air.

That was a demonstration that he was technically knocking down Professor Peter Mutharika and his DPP! No better way to drive the point home.

Before that Njamba rally, his runningmate Saulos Chilima was in Ndirande. He was simply amazing, as he had been during the whole campaign trail. Remember the bit about the catapult, the lifting of the 50-kilogamme bag of fertilizer, the we-will-die-for-this-flag stunt! Talk of eloquence, no one could beat him when he told us about bullet trains, about the excise-free week and all the rub. Remember how we always looked forward to listen to his proverb for the day?

At that Ndirande rally, Chilima made real succulent offers to the youth in Ndirande. He spoke in a lingua that any youth from Safarao, Gamulani, Mpembu, Makata and Goliyo would associate with. “Mafana musamangoshala m’madeni mwa masiteni,” he said to emphasise on the one million job.

And, to show his energy, Chilima walked, nay run, from Ndirande to Njamba. The youth, hope glistening on their faces, joined him.

Ndirande, like any other ghetto, loves and listens well to popular beings. It is said the Malawi political barometer is in Ndirande.

After presenting their nomination papers, Chakwera and Chilima passed by Ndirande. They were given a tumultuous welcome. The people cheered. But when Mutharika, later in the day, went to Ndirande, the people jeered. In fact, without condoning any form of violence, some pelted stones.

Please, come to Ndirande bwana. On behalf of village heads Makata, Chakana, ku Matope, Your Excellency please pay us a visit in Ndirande. We want to hear your voice again bwana at Nyambadwe ground.

Chakwera and Chilima owe the people of Ndirande a visit. It is apparent the language they are speaking these days is incomprehensible to them. They need the president and his vice on the political pedestal in Ndirande to explain what they have been saying in places like the BICC.

Those from Goliyo would like to know and understand why the price of cooking oil and other commodities is rising by the day.

Some will walk from Zambia, Malaysia and Baghdad (you will find these places in Ndirande by the way) to hear you explain why, like your predecessors, you are always on the road, with so many fuel guzzlers on your motorcade.

The people in Ndirande listen. They will listen. They will understand why cronyism appears to be a disease that is not so easy to cure.

While we are at diseases, Chakwera told us we are going through some illness, which is painful to heal.

Come to Ndirande Bwana, the people will understand that you are indeed the right specialist doctor for this disease, not someone who prescribes placebos for every one of their ailments.

And, Ndix is ready to see Chilima explaining that bit about some Egyptians crossing the Nile together with the Israelites. Many missed the allusion in Ndirande I believe.

When are you coming to Ndirande? I pose for a reply.-( Opinion Credit : Kondwani Kamiyala, Nation Online)

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  1. What they sow during their heinous demonstrations together with Mtambo, they will yield the same. Leaders in anything are usually asked to lead by examples and in most cases the expected examples are meant to be good in the eyes of onlookers and indeed exemplary. That time when it was carriedout, led by Chakwera and Chilima, it was an induction to the citizenry. If the same will be repeated during their reign, it is because they encouraged bad practices themselves, allowing their subjects to go on the rampage burning buildings, tyres, beating innocent Malawians, vandalising HKB tomb and the parliament buildings (which are protected structures by definition). It is surprising and not being very sincere to hear Mtambo telling the nation that he led peaceful demonstrations. At an appropriate time after this shameful administration is gone, these people should give an account of their deeds to the Malawians who lost their property because of them. In conclusion, with these hoodlums, Ndirande is a no go zone for them. Remember “Oyenda ndi lupanga, adzafa ndi lupanga”.

  2. ndilande you are saviours. munathandizira kuchotsa mithutha pandale ndi pakayendetsedwe kadziko. kkkkkkk, zikomo kwambiri potilowetsa mu kenani. mdziko lamitengo ya bhooo, fertilizer wodula, katundu mitengo kukwera daily. munakhwana. i hope pomatha zaka 5 zimenezi muphunzira ndi kuzidziwa ndale sichoncho anthu 2.6m munavotera tonse. muziganiza choncho magaye.


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