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Emmanuel Chibwana’s Family Speaks Out

I (Dr Khama Chibwana) would like to make a statement to the general public regarding Emmanuel Chibwana as follows:

The Chibwana family is grateful to God and to all who prayed and supported us during the most difficult time (November 1-5, 2021) when Emmanuel went missing under very strange and unimaginable circumstances.

We appreciate the continued interest, concern, support, and demand for answers that the general public and media houses in particular have over this issue.

Since the discovery and recovery of Emmanuel, the case has now involved the national and international security agencies responsible for handling human trafficking cases.

We are under instruction not to disclose to the public a lot of information for the sake of Emmanuel’s and the family’s security and ongoing criminal investigations.

We would like to respect this protocol not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end. We trust that the investigation will be done with speed looking at the urgency of the matter and the heinous nature of the crime.

Not only do we want the matter to be fully investigated with speed, we want all the perpetrators of this crime to be behind bars so that we can reclaim the safety and security of our public spaces and our public transportation systems.

Besides, we want tangible answers to be provided to the public timely at all critical stages of the investigation, as should be the case. We pray and hope that the responsible agencies will not hold the right to information that we all hold to be sabotaged under the guise of perpetual investigation.

Further, we are sensitive to the fact that Emmanuel and the family have been subjected to a hell-like experience and will need a lot of healing to do.

Therefore, we appeal to all for the moment to allow Emmanuel and the family some privacy and space to heal.

Besides, we have organized a Thanksgiving, Praise, and Worship service for family and friends to be held at Trinity Homes in Zomba this Saturday on 13 November 2021 from 1-3pm.

Meanwhile, let it suffice to know that I left Malawi on 7 November for Daresalaam and came back on 9 November with Emmanuel. He is safe and well.

The pictures of Emmanuel’s reunion with family circulating on social media speaks volumes of the joy, relief, and jubilation marking the fact that he who was presumed dead is back to the family alive and well, and all this, by the miraculous intervention of the mighty hand of Jehovah! Only God can do this!

The full testimony of how Emmanuel was kidnapped and how God rescued him will be published on YouTube soon.

We are grateful to God for his redemptive miracle. We are grateful to the faith community for joining hands to pray for the recovery of Emmanuel.

We are grateful to family and friends who supported us morally, materially, and financially. We are also grateful to the entire Malawi High Commission in Tanzania. May God bless you more for your works of love and kindness.

Thank you!

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