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Brand Chakwera Leaks Part 1


In a private and confidential document titled ‘Brand Identity Strategy Concept Note:An NPV Approach’, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has revealed its worry over the declining image of President Chakwera who just a year ago was elected into office with an overwhelming majority of votes when Malawians showed former President Peter Mutharika the exit door in the 2020 fresh elections.

The MCP amateur strategists have acknowledged that slowness, incompetence and lack of decisiveness have contributed to Chakwera’s loss of popularity in the shortest period in Malawi’s democratic history. What they have not included in their analysis is the contribution of unprecedented rise in corruption and scandals to Chakwera’s unpopularity.

The tax payers funded MCP strategists have also not included Chakwera’s hypocrisy on nepotism and back tracking on key promises, factors that have hugely contributed to Chakwera’s qualification as a one term president.

Perhaps one of the most humiliating thing in the secret document is the correct admission that MCP’s alliance partner, UTM is fast and better at political spinning and analysis on social media. The document has also acknowledged that Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima is professionally and well covered on social media.

The MCP trainee strategists have also bemoaned the embarrassing performance of its so called social media team that consists of illiterate individuals who would better perform as gule wamkulu dancers at Chakwera’s political rallies than on political analysis and spinning.

The strategists have also noted that President Chakwera has lost renowned social media commentators who supported him on his way to state house.

All this confirms that President Chakwera is under pressure from daily criticism on his performance. What his wannabe strategists don’t understand is that Malawians had high hopes on Chakwera and can only be impressed by timely delivery of promises including stopping stealing of their tax money currently being spearheaded by state house and the office of president and cabinet.

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