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9 Reasons Why Chakwera Will Lose Next Election



382 days in power and MCP is yet to master the art of running government. Ever since that historic victory, there has been one cause for concern after the other. Starting from the highest office of the land to the lowest. But in all this shambolic display of running government, MCP ought to realise that 2025 is not far. Here are some things to care of before it’s too late.

1. *SPC factor*

If Mr. zangazanga chikhosi is still at the state house then it’s not because of his performance. No. Ever since, he has been the center of controversy in the MCP led government.At the ministry of home affairs during the time of DPP, he was an *’accomplice’* in the charges that ended in the arrest of Uladi Mussa.He was the comptroller of…during the DPP regime and look at the mess that happens then.Now he is appointed as SPC in the MCP government what happens? The department of disaster and…is brought into the office of the president and cabinet 6.2 billion vanishes into thin air. 17.2 billion cannot be accounted for. Check all the boards that he is chair or member; egenco, escom, MACRA and etc there are issues.

2. *Too much rhetorics*

It is now the order of the day that MCP can’t walk the talk. One needs not to be a necromancer to tell that when no action accompanies any talk the talk becomes empty. Malawians can no longer accept the politics of atcheya. They want an action packed government like a *transporter movie*. Little talk more action simple.

3. *Frustrated party cadres*

If there was one thing that DPP always got right was to keep it’s faithfuls warm. If Robert Gabriel Mugabe was able to consolidate his power for over 30 years it was because he knew how to treat those whom he fought along with in the battle against the white supremacists. MCP until now can’t help those who put their heads on the rail line for the victory of the party. It’s youths and cadres are no different from *anyamata oshanta mtaunimu*. In fact most of them their situation has deteriorated than the time DPP was in power. But one thing that is sure is; these youths are not Dander heads. They can be trampled under and be neglected but sooner than later their situation will be changed. Their frustration if not well tamed will live to haunt the party.

4. *Keeping cadet vipers*

It is now apparent that some Ministers, HoD and etc fancy working with cadets. In fact they would rather work with a cadet than to work with a fellow MCP member. But one thing they need to know is *mwana wa mwini ndi Gaga saundika*. A banana tree can float over an ocean but will never turn into a crocodile. (If MCP has stayed out of power for close to 30 years it’s because Muluzi used to say *Njoka ndi Njoka olo muyichotse mano tsiku Lina akamera idzalumabe* referring to MCP). Now MCP is in power it has embarked on evangelism crusade. It wants to christianize DPP. That Enterprise is bound to fail miserably.

5. *DPP 2014 winning factor*

The dictum that *winning is a habit* is not far away from the truth. The fact that DPP won from the opposition in 2014 should worry us somehow that they can a pull a similar surprise if care is not exercised. And the fact that MCP won from the opposition should save as a reminder that it is possible.

6. *Tonse alliance factor*

If there is one thing that MCP needs to realise earlier is that some of its partners are not worth keeping. It’s a basic principle of life; *ukayenda ndi wa nzeru udzakhala wa nzeru* and the converse is true. Some partners needs to be dropped otherwise they are only delaying our journey to Canaan. They helped in *scaring pharaoh* away but we can’t keep on offering them the best of seats in government. After all some of them have a proven record of failing to run government. See what Bingu did in 2004.

7. *Basic and old mistakes*

MCP must always remember that it was voted into power to sweep away all the filthy and nauseating activities that characterized the DPP regime. *It wasn’t just a matter of changing government like the way an automatic Toyota sienta changes gears*. People expected real and tangible change. But barely a year in power MCP led government is impregnated with the same old stories. Favoritism, tribalism, regionalism and religionalism are the order of the day.

8. *Natural and global trends factor*

Finally, MCP should know that world economies are struggling due to covid 19 and other issues and Malawi is not exempted in these economic downturn moments. We have just seen the UK government cutting it’s aid towards Africa by £4.4 billion. Very soon such economic measures will start biting poor countries like Malawi. The unfortunate thing is that hoi polloi will never understand that. If economy fails to tick it’s the MCP government. Very soon, AIP, 1million jobs and etc may not be implemented due to these global economic issues. But here in Malawi it will be government’s fault. And it maybe taken to the ballot in 2025. This year we had good rains but who knows what will become in the coming years? But if it happens otherwise, government should bless itself for more insults and untold ridicule which may culminate on the ballot box.

9. Unfulfilled campaign promises

MCP is yet to fulfil its campaign promises. They are busy inspecting and opening DPP project. Lozani zanu reply

*For the love of the party and Dr. Lazarus Chakwera*

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  1. a chakwera olo osasamba ayi kuti muzidemelera ayiii simukusiyana ndi anthu achokera kumudzi mulinawowo, koma zoona ndithu , amalawi tayaluka ndithu kusankha president takonda ameneyi zoona ali ndi nzeru ameneyu zotukulira dziko ameneyu komaa Ambuye chonde thandizani amalawi kupeza mtsogoleri


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