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State House Press And Continued Lies On One Million “Jabs”


Kampondeni and Banda during the briefing

Immediately after the International Media got wind of the change in tone of the famous promise of million jobs by Dr. Chakwera they fact-checked the President that he is backtracking on his promises or that of Tonse.

State House do get away with the local media perhaps because they are mesmerized by the command in the Queen’s language of Sean Tsanzo Kampondeni the Communications Director at the State House.They are all captivated that they can’t ask him the toughest of questions or they will look foolish or worse more never be invited again at the State House.

Boom The BBC threw in a punch that the H.E is backtracking and there will be no 1 Million jobs, you see these International reporters don’t need transport or Ya Fanta so they just hit.

That must have irked the State House that they had to respond and clarify. Now we know they are more concerned about the perception of the West, not the local media who seem to be playing ball and can easily be managed.

Brian Banda released a statement blablabla “You didn’t understand what The President said ” like BBC reporters don’t understand English their own language, laughable indeed.

Anyway, What the State House Statements and continued defense of the #MillionJabs fails to address are the sectors which will be responsible in creating these jobs. Is it Agriculture, IT What is it?

And considering that they have 9 months now to clock year one would assume they have at least created 170,000 jobs in the first quarter to reach their goal.

Now perhaps they are right that we all don’t understand what The President said or campaigned on like they sometimes think.

If the H.E never meant actual jobs but creating an environment to enable us create the jobs which was not what we heard during the rallies

What have they done so far? Any Tax cuts, Tax Holidays for those creating jobs? Which Tariffs should we be looking at? Which CPC of the customs procedure codes has been changed to enable us to strive? Perhaps regulations What is it that will miraculously create the jabs or the environment to create the jobs?

You see our economy has been a victim of chaos by the Continued demonstrations that rocked the country for the last 12 months, Elections, Covid19 the world is going through a recession people.

The reality is that over 400,000 people have lost their jobs in the last year due to the reasons outlined above, so if you are still talking about creating 1 million jobs then you have to add the 400,000 who have lost their jobs because you will only create 600,000 if the number is not amended and taking into consideration of the job losses and your number now has to be 1.4 Million jobs to reach your target.

It is time to follow the President’s lead this time” There will be no Jabs”

Good day gentlemen.

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