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ITSANANA: From Kajoloweka, Two More Prominent Malawians Reject Chakwera’s Appointments

Chakwera: Rejected

Two more people have rejected their board appointments on grounds that they want to protect their integrity.

The two are Chairperson of the NGO Gender Coordination Network-GCN Babra Banda and Dr Edge Kanyongolo, Chanco College’s political analyst.

The first to reject the offer was Charles Kajoloweka, Executive Director of the Youth and Society organisation.

President Lazarus Chakwera appointed Kajoloweka as board member of the National Youth Council while Banda was appointed into the TEVETA board. Kanyongolo was appointed board member of Competition and Fair Trade Commission (CFTC).

The much awaited list of new boards of 67 parastatals was announced Wednesday this week.

Kajoloweka who champions the Youth Decide manifesto believes serving in the board would compromise his role as an activist.On the other hand, Banda’s decision is a protest against the appointment of few women in the new boards.

However, Banda says her rejection is not a major setback to women representation in the boards

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  1. These people were consulted before the names were released and yet after the names had been released they turn around and rejected the appointments……

    Publicity stunts like these will take you no where…….

    You are the very same people who make a lot of noise criticising government and yet when you have been given a chance to lead those organisations and make the change you wanted you are now running away from the same…….it is easy to point out other people’s mistakes…..

  2. they are fighters they fight for other people…you have shown your weakness mbonga we need these critics ..osawapatsa post kuti asiye kulankhula thats not democracy…koma inuyo mukhoza kudya burns easily.

    • Well said wayaman. awuzeni fazaro tizawapatsenso chi ndindaule amwele. We need matured people like the Kajolowekas, the Banda and the kanyongolos

  3. Its fascinating to note the mind set change demonstrated by our great sons and daughters of late. It seems we are now maturing. Of recent we have seen true great sons of africa who declared total peace rather than bowing down to villains who wanted blood shed as the means of political competition defying the ballot. apm is such a sort, the true statesman. He proved to the whole world that human life matters and rises above politics and money while some villains were busy looting and shedding innocent blood for merely not declared winners by our great daughter who fears nothing but stand for true justice and even ferocious villains could never move her. Then we saw another true hero of africa who said no to war after a military junta wresstled power from him. Now we are witnessing true heroes who can voluntarilly resign after performing badly like ben, paving way for the fresh muscles to carry on. Here we are where another gang of heroes turned down the political fame and fat salaries all in the name of standing for the true justice. Its really amusing to learn how mcp comes into power. Even in late 1950s, it used bloody violent tactics to undo the colonial masters and in the end honoured those who were murdered in the process as political heroes and martyrs. This is the same antics applied post 1993 and it only encourages people to perceive political posts as worthier than human life- sounds archaic, isn’t it?


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