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Tonse Treating Malawians As ‘Dogs’ On Covid-19 Measures- Law Expert

Law scholars and political commentators in the country have accused President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his Tonse Administration of treating Malawians as ‘dogs’ after effecting anti Covid-19 laws without consulting concerned groups.

The new laws known as public health (Corona virus and Covid-19) Prevention, Containment and Management Rules, 2020 affects religious gatherings, weddings and traditional engagements and contravention of the law will attract a fine of K100,000 and a three month prison term.

In an interview with local radio on Monday, a Chancellor College Law Expert, Professor Garton Kamchedzera said making laws without consulting citizens is like treating Malawians as wild dogs.

“Making such laws without consulting Malawians and some concerned groups is like making laws for the dogs,  government should stop treating us (Malawians) as dogs,” said Professor Kamchedzera

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) also expressed shock with newly gazzeted regulations claiming they were not consulted.

Meanwhile, government through the Minister of Health Khumbizile Chiponda said the presidential task force on Covid-19 will engage the faith community and concerned parties over the concerns raised.

As of August 9, the country has recorded 4,658 confirmed cases of Covid-19 including 146 deaths.

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  1. Enafe tinadziwa kale pachiyambi pomwe kuti apa ndi Nkute weni-weni; za boma tiyiwale – masanje eni eni awa. M’mene kwachera ntchito ndi kuyankhula pa TV olo wailesi basi? Ndi aMalawi angati amamvera zimenezo? M’malo mogwira ntchito basi tikhalire kumva zoti akuti apanga chiani? Zimatero, kuchepetsa za nzako, iwe ukapha chitete umachita chokoka.

    Reducing presidential powers doesn’t mean you will not be answerable if things go west in any government department. Actually a good leader delegates but whilst that being the case, the policies or modus operandi remains yours. Don’t run away from responsibilities bwana. People expect to receive orders and tasks/missions from you sir; that is what leadership entails. Radio announcements are a waste of our time and money. Nde aBiti Ntila analinso bwinoko’tu.


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