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No Bail for ‘Cash Madame’ Dorothy Shonga, Mera Boss Magalasi

The Magistrate court in Lilongwe has denied bail to business lady Dorothy Shonga popularly known as ‘cash Madame’ and Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) Chief Executive Officer Collings Magalasi.

The two suspects alongside MRA’s Spokesperson, Patrick Maulidi were arrested last week by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on money laundering and fraud charges.

In the bail ruling, Chief Resident Magistrate Violet Chipao said the suspects may interfere with witnesses if released on bail.

The state has since been given seven days, counting from 30 July, to conclude investigations.

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  1. Why arresting people before concluding the investigations? This is not fair ooooh. Do you get it oooh, do you get it oooh? Its not good oooh to have some1 locked in just because the government has not completed neither started with the investigations. Done with investigations and if there is evidence that the crime was committed then warrant of arrest can be obtained rather than harrying to act on social media reports.

  2. Don’t worry boss, all parastatals that are responsible for making money attract every new government’s eyes. They create bogus crimes like money laundering, corruption, mismanagement of resources, etc, but basically its the only means to be heard and get a public seal to replace the management with their sympathisers, family friends, relatives or party officials. You will agree with me that the conclussions of such cases are no where to be traced. Its a well calculated move, authored by very corrupt reporters on very corrupt reputable news rooms, who just drop the story before even reaching midway. This is how democracy is managed in africa especially panyasaland pano. The good thing is, with different specialties of engineering this will be history because very soon there will be so many egencos, computer labs, etc. Thanks to apm for his vast academic knowledge, becuase this was introduced at the time of his late brother when he was the minister of education. Some of these engineers are not sleeping banging their heads hard to develop their fields of speciality. Very soon all lazy bones who take politics as the tool of intimidation will soon be vanquished. I personally salute you our great great sons of the soil. May ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU, our true heroes. In every descipline your names are curved on the stones: National ids, digital xrs, digital tvs, piped O2, hospital solar back ups, etc. Osati kungokhalira kugawa nyama yambuzi, whats that? Kufuna kutikhobola manja basi. We want tangible development that will benefit generations and generations and that will make us a strong nation not lazy bones.

  3. What a comment bro. They want to silence the developers the intellectuals to bring in their vimbuli in the system so much so that azipanga zomwe angafune. Kole mwana wa kwathu, my class mate ndimakunyadira. Worry not all theses shall soon vanish, zandale timazidziwa ife.


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