S.Africa Tonse Alliance Wing Claims Malawi’s Poverty Man Made Calamity

By Leonard Masauli

Likoma, July 2, Mana: Malawians of Tonse Alliance Wing based in Braamfontein, Republic of South Africa (RSA), have said the country’s poverty was a man-made.

The Grouping has expressed hope in the new political leadership saying it has huge potential to liberate Malawians from poverty and promote social economic development of the country.

The Wing’s Chairperson, Rumford Kambaika told Malawi News Agency (Mana) Thursday that the  youth and entire Malawian citizenry based in South Africa feel relieved and have hope that the new leadership would systematically deal with poverty by uprooting corruption and promoting good  governance.

“The victory of Tonse Alliance which is led by Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Dr. Saulos Chilima will liberate Malawians from poverty.

“As Tonse Alliance Wing in RSA which has over 5,000 members, we are certain that the new leadership will systematically erase the man-made poverty in the country.

This is 2020 but our country was still behind in terms of development, and we are yet to be economically liberated,” he said.

Kambaika said the pledged initiatives in the alliance’s manifesto such creation of 1 million jobs, reducing the cost of fertilizer, transformed policies, improved salaries and working conditions for civil servants among are a signal towards the country’s liberation.

He said Malawian youth rush to South Africa to hunt for jobs because they do not have hope in their political leaderships adding that some people will soon be returning home following the change of the country’s leadership.

Director of Business Forum in the RSA Tonse Alliance Wing, Jones Chadza said Malawians in South Africa face a lot of challenges in acquiring work permits because of laxity of the Malawi High Commission.

“We need reformation at the High Commission in RSA because it does not represent us properly. Most of the employees are there to their own interests,” he observed.

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