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No Honeymoon For Chilima, Chakwera

By Patrick Botha, MANA

Chakwera , Chilima during Swearing in ceremony

As scores of Malawians in all the cities, towns and villages both within Malawi and in diaspora chorus the freedom song in unison after Lazarus Chakwera emerges the 6th president of the Republic of Malawi, a catholic priest in Nkhata Bay has warned the new president and his running mate to forget about honeymoon.

Speaking during mass today at St. Joseph Parish, Raymond Kondowe who is also the Director of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre said there is no time to relax for the new office bearers.

“We wanted change and change is here. I’d like to urge the president and his team that there’s no honeymoon for them. Malawi has been destroyed by the previous regimes. Malawians are suffering. This is time to get down to business and rebuild the country,” said Kondowe.

Kondowe thanked all Christians who went to cast their vote on Tuesday 23 June saying they were indeed living their Christian call.

“Why am I thanking you today? If for some reason as a Christian you decide not to vote just know that you’re indirectly endorsing bad leadership into power but if you vote you’re helping putting right leaders into power.”

Father Kondowe went on to make reference to the Catholic Bishops Pastoral Letter that among others talks of good leadership to mean a listening leadership, a people-centred leadership, respect of the rule of the law and a leader who does not stick to power.

“The new leadership should learn from the mistakes of their predecessors and correct them. They should ensure every Malawian regardless of tribe or geographical location feels proud to be Malawian by trickling down development resources to all corners of the country,” he emphasized.

Vincent Mhone aged 82 of Traditional Authority Mkumbira conquered with Kondowe.

“I’ve seen all governments since independence. We really needed change and am happy we finally have gotten the change.  Am very sure the new government will do its best to deliver the aspirations of Malawians,” said Mhone.

Residents in Nkhata Bay have been partying and jubilating in the streets since the release of unofficial results on Zodiak Broadcasting Station and the proceedings at the main Tally Centre. The celebrations have climaxed since MEC Chairperson Chifundo Kachale declared Chakwera as the winner of the fresh presidential elections last night.

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  1. You take sides anthu inu. Am a true member of the church komano mmene mumazuzurira eish! as if you are holy in in the holy land. God is watching on you. Awansotu akamalakwisa azuzureni mmene mumachitira muja.

  2. Mob is fickle and they easily forget. Its amazing to see the church celebrating the manner dpp lost. There was total chaos those who loved dpp ideologies were tortured and many lived in terrible fear and remained in hiding until after the masculine chakwera and chilima were declared the winners. The way things unfolded post 2019 credible and transparent polls leaves a lot of questions to be answered and the way dpp supporters suffered in many districts, asks a million dollar question that needs to be answered: Is this what we call democracy? No one rebuked the evil acts perpetrated to those with different ideologies from mcp and utm. Is there any district that has no infrastructure built by dpp? Here in nkhatabay we have the state of the art hospital, state of the art tarmac road, the jetty etc. What type of development are people talking about? Is this the reason kasiya-santhe road was destroyed? Which freedom songs were people singing and what change are we cherishing? Harrassing, humiliating and abducting those who hold different ideologies? Making people live in fear and shun participating in democratic processes, is this the kind of change which is finally here the priest is describing? Don’t be surprised when our time will come of being victimized by this very same process we are jeering. GOD is GOD and shall remain to be so. The acts of our clergy is unGodly they are swallowed with worldly affairs not the future kingdom. How can a pastor unleash blood shed because of worldly power? Apm remains smarter than our bloody politicians. He values life more than power and GOD The Almighty Has rewarded him than all of us who don’t believe in Him but, hiding in the church for parasitism. I can see these bullies continuing with their evil manipulations to remain in power. Fare thee well our democracy!!!!


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