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On Namadingo’s ‘I Am Not A Gospel Musician’ Outburst

By Esteemed Ziliro Mchulu

Yesterday Patience Namadingo posted on his Facebook page that he is not a gospel musician in reaction to people who mostly ask about him music status as of now. Namadingo was making this direct communication simply because he is sick and tired of people who up to date do not understand him.

Just as a background, Namadingo was once a pure gospel artist and he has produced some albums full of God and Jesus. However, with time Namadingo has shifted from pure gospel music to positive music. When I say positive I mean songs that are morally upright and this includes gospel and other messages like love, friendship and others.

However, in his communication Namadingo has said it in black red green that “I am not a gospel musician, I am just a musician. If you need a 100% gospel musician who only sings about Jesus… you have lots of them out there…”. This was posted 18 hours ago and it had 2,076 likes and 1358 comments as we went to the press.

Reading the communication and the comments, it is clear that Namadingo is being real with himself and his life. As a person he has decided to harness the change which is constant in life. He has decided to live a life which he can be happy with.

For starters, being a gospel musician means being the gospel yourself. This is not a joke and if you take a snap check those who claim to be gospel you will find them wanting if you use the bible as checklist. You are not free, people expect a lot from you. They want you to be another Jesus.

Namadingo wants to be free from this picture that many have about gospel musicians. He wants to live his life of being free.

Further, it has to be noted that life is all about money. You need money to survive. This is why Namadingo availed himself at Castel beer launch because there was money. Money is good. Namadingo has seen the importance of being diverse in art. The diversity that he has embraced has opened lot of opportunities for him.

As we speak Namadingo is driving a benz from FDH as a brand ambassador. FDH saw the potential in this man recently because the man has proved a point. *525#.

This change has also helped Namadingo to increase his fan base. Being a gospel musician limited many of us who are not gospel. Now that he is ‘positive’ he has welcomed some of us to his kingdom. This increase in fan base means increasing patronage to his music hence more money, simple mathematics.

Those who are finding it hard to accept Namadingo’s change you are free to subscribe to pure gospel artist, there are many out there. Actually Namadingo does not want to dance to the public tune of being approved.

He is approving himself, actually is suicidal to do what many want you to do not what makes you happy. Namadingo is happy with what he is doing. It is his life, do not impose your values on him.

If you want to be happy in this life, leave what people say or think about you, live your life, do what you like and you will be happy. Looking for public approval is cheerless. Kudos Namadingo for being real with yourself.

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