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Female Artists To Release Covid-19 Song

By Chisomo Chimenya, MANA

One of the female artists lady Lady morgan to feature in the song

Focus265 Management female artists are set to release an educative song concerning preventive measures on covid-19.

The management which consists of four female artists known by their stage names Pasha de mwa Lady Morgana, Fresh Diva and Cookie Kay have worked on a collaborative song based on the pandemic.

Speaking to Malawi News Agency (MANA), Patricia Mwale also known as Pasha de mwa said the song is meant to educate the public to call to the hospital whenever they feel signs and symptoms of the virus and practice all required measures.

“Knowing that other people get the message quickly through music, we thought of composing something that will keep the public alert,” she said.

The song whose title is Corona on hook goes by the lyrics;

Chifuwa chakugwira, uwaimbire a chipatala

Chimfine chandigwiraa, uwaimbire a chipatalaaa

 Kwaza corona virus virus yeah

Mwale believes the song will have a wide coverage as they will make sure to distribute it on different platforms so that everyone should be able to get the message in the song and practice all preventive measures.

“Intentionally, we have composed the chorus in our local language because the song will reach different kinds of people so we do not want others to be left behind,” Mwale added.

In an interview with the Focus 265 manager, Dj Tawa said despite the cancelling of the Salima show which was to happen on March 21 but was cancelled due to the pandemic they thought of releasing a song concerning the virus.

“As management we would like to join our fellow musicians who have already released songs on the pandemic,” he said.

Apart from the song, Focus 265 Management is planning to release a short video clip concerning covid-19 that will be promoted to circulate on E-media and different televisions.

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