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A SPEECH THAT UNITED MALAWIANS:But Mutharika Did Not Change-We Did

As fear of survival and Coronavirus confronts Malawians and everyone is hearing of the USA, the UK, Italy (where the Pope sits) and other big countries are struggling to survive, President Peter Mutharika has delivered a speech that has united the nation.

For the first time in a long time Peter Mutharika has been roundly praised by many supporters of the Opposition for his progressive thinking and radical measures that are calculated at protecting poor people as Coronavirus bites the nation.

There was a united chorus of jubilation and praise on Saturday evening after Mutharika announced Cabinet pay cut, tax reliefs, fuel price reduction, more loans to the poor, protection of farmers, recruitment of more healthcare workers, increase in risk allowances to the healthcare force and many other radical measures.

True to his word, fuel prices were slashed with speed within a short time of his directives. Malawians will now wake up on Sunday morning to new fuel prices. The media is already calling for reduction of minibus prices to relieve poor people. Opposition forums such as Malawi Congress Party widely agreed with Mutharika, calling him progressive and pro-poor.

Mutharika’s statesmanship speech rose above politics challenged Malawians that

“Either we unite and fight Coronavirus, or we perish.” Mutharika also urged Malawians to take serious precautions to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. Mutharika’s speech was full of wisdom as he spoke to the nation, “Precaution is always wisdom”.

Once again, the patient Peter Mutharika has proven to be at his best in what he does best— that is, managing a crisis. Mutharika has always been a good crisis manager. Peter Mutharika successfully managed his first economic crisis in 2014 when Malawi was almost bankrupt after the Cashgate plunder.

Mutharika has taken Malawi’s economy from ruins to be one of the best performing economies in Africa. IMF just gave Malawi an impressive ratings amidst a pending global economic crisis that comes with Coronavirus. Mutharika has also undisputably delivered visible infrastructure development more than any other President of the country within the shortest time. Mutharika has also managed some of the worst crises the country has faced during floods, drought and hunger. Mutharika also got high praise the year he refused to export maize only for Malawi to be struck by hunger thereby getting his critics who loudly pressurized to sell maize dumbfounded. Mutharika has also most recently saved Malawi from total collapse by simply being patient and restraining his supporters from violence when his enemies went on the rampage of burning the country and killing a police officer. Many people agreed that Mutharika’s patience saved the country from utter chaos. Peter Mutharika has always been a patient statesman, a good crisis manager and progressive with development policies. Peter Mutharika did not change. He has not changed his advisors either. In spite of all this, the Opposition led by Chakwera has insisted that they see nothing positive in what Mutharika does. Chakwera has always led a campaign of negative thinking to blind his supporters to see nothing positive in Mutharika’s leadership. But is why Peter Mutharika earning high praise from the Opposition this time? The only difference this time is that we have decided to listen because every Malawian is fearing for their survival against Coronavirus. Peter Mutharika has always been a good leader but we have not been listening. Mutharika never changed. It is us Malawians who are forced to change and listen because we are all afraid dying with Coronavirus.

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  1. is the writer a Malawian? Pure cadet writing and malawians cannot buy such nonsense. Which crisis has this dumb president ever managed since his days as a minister? stupid reporting. the academic freedom saga, the Cochran dyte UK saga where was this guy? Nonsense can’t waste my vote on this guy


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