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Church in Malawi to Seek God’s Intervention On Coronavirus

By Harris Chimatiro, MANA

Interdenominational Repentance and Prayer Ministry has organised repentance prayers on March 27, 2020, scheduled to take place at Ntanyaze Community Hall in Dedza, to seek God’s intervention on the Corona Virus and the country’s peace.

National Coordinator for Malawi and Southern Africa, Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba, said they would also pray for emancipation from the shackles of cashgate, homosexuality and witchcraft under the theme, ‘Malawi Day of Repentance and prayer’.

“Even though there is a threat of Corona Virus, we are not afraid. The Bible says in Luke 10:19 that we have been given power to tread upon the snakes and the scorpions, and overcome every power of the enemy,” he said.

 “I would say Malawi as a nation is sick, if it were a patient, I would say it’s in intensive care unit and needs a doctor spiritually. The Doctor is our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to check issues of Corona Virus worldwide.

“In 2 chronicles 7: 14, the Bible says if we humble ourselves and pray, turning away from our wickedness, God will heal our land and hear our prayers,” said Mikwamba.

He added that originally, the fresh elections were the first agenda item but with the coming of Covid-19, he said God has summoned them to pray against spread of the virus which has claimed thousands of lives globally.

Mikwamba further said over 3400 intercessors worldwide are expected to join the spiritual realm. Intercessors are from USA, Australia, Mozambique, Swaziland and Nigeria.

In a separate interview, International Director for National Repentance Malawi, Pastor Jeff Nash Daly from United South Africa said normally, they pray for war-torn and disaster-affected nations, including those experiencing political instability.

“On August 8, 2019 when the elections court case resumed, we held national prayers at Simama Hotel in Lilongwe.  We thank God our prayers were answered. Without it, Malawi could have been in turmoil,” said Daly.

National Repentance Malawi is an international religious organisation that started in 2016.

Its main goal is to pray for people and nations to get healed in Jesus name. Currently, the ministry has a program on Blantyre Synod radio called ‘Season of Repentance’ which is aired every Wednesday 7:30 pm and Saturday 8 pm.

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