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Namadingo Offers Emotional Apology to Lulu: “I’m Deeply Sorry My Brother”

Malawi’s celebrated gospel artist Patience Namadingo has offered an emotional apology to Lulu born as Lawrence Khwisa for calling him an ‘amateur’ in the music industry.

Last Week, Namadingo steered social media debate after branding Lulu as an amateur in the music industry a development.

In an interview with the Nation Newspaper, the man behind ‘Angampeze Ndani’ Lulu said he felt very offended with Namadingo’s remarks.

“Namadingo is my friend. He should have consulted me before going to the public, if I say he has not offended me then I will be lying,” said Lulu

Responding through his official facebook page on Monday, Namadingo asked Lulu for forgiveness over his ‘uncensored’ remarks. He went on to declare the Kumalembe star as a true legend.

  “…I am sorry brother. I have withdrawn the words that I uttered earlier.  From his statement where he denies being a Legend, my brother also said only his fans and his music will decide when he will be a Legend.

“ Well from where I am standing it looks like that time is now. Your fans have now decided that you are a Legend.

I also happen to be your big fan. So today I will also say I am happy to say with a pure heart that Lulu is a legend,” posted Namadingo

He added: “I am extending my Invitation to my brother Lulu The Legend with love and total admiration to join me on a MashUp that we his fans have longed for so desperately. I am ready any day to do a Mashup with the greatest of our time Lulu.

“I love my brothers Music. I respect his career. And I am deeply sorry for hurting his feelings. And I hope his fans also forgive me as we wait for his response to a great mashup as brothers in music. “

Lulu is one of the most popular and influential R&B singers in Malawi. He is famous for hits such as Sindirichoncho, Angampeze Ndani, Sindilora and many other hits.     

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  1. kumasaizana ndi chibwana nonse mukuyenera kumalimbikisana osati kumalozana ayii iwe Namadingo nawenso nzeru zako sizikuoneka bwinobwino apa, mUzaluza nazo fanzi zimenezi muona , simunafikepo konse nonse


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