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DPP, UDF Set Tone For Youth Empowerment In Malawi

The Mighty Democratic Progressive Party and United Democratic Front on Tuesday announced their alliance, dropping solid hints of their joint plan for the empowerment of youths in Malawi.

In their joint statement, the two parties condemned opposition’s use of youths to disturb peace and order instead of deploying them into productive activities.

We say “no” to reducing the Youth of Malawi into agents of violence. We say “no” to teaching our Youth lawlessness and chaos,” said the two parties in the statement.

The Mighty DPP and UDF gave a highlight of their pan for youths in Malawi.

“Instead of manipulating the Youth into violence, lawlessness and national
destruction; we pledge to empower the Youth and women with skills,
financial capital and a sense of responsibility for them to become a dependable generation that creates its own jobs, businesses and new wealth,” reads the statement in part.

The two parties said they will work to “restore a sense of national pride so that we all have a Malawi that we are proud of”, create new wealth for all as a means to reducing poverty and create jobs for the Youth and women, especially by empowering Malawians to create new jobs and businesses.

DPP has blazed the trail in your empowerment with the signature community technical colleges which are training youth with technical skills for them to create jobs and drive Malawi’s industrialization.

The DPP-UDF alliance inspires more hope to the Malawi youth through both their ideas on youth empowerment and representation in the parties.

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