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HRDC Chair Timothy Mtambo Attacks MBC Crew

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Timothy Mtambo on Wednesday confronted Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) journalists at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe.

The MBC crew was at the airport working on the Development and expansion of facilities at Kamuzu International airport.

While in their line of duty, the crew was suddenly confronted by Mtambo who was among passengers at the departure lounge heading to an unknown destination.

Mtambo alleged that the crew was there to track him. He confronted the crew, threatening to deal with the team in the event that he is captured at the airport.

Later his colleague was seen recording the MBC crew using a cellphone before leaving the scene. It is not yet clear where Mtambo and his friend are taking the recording to. Under Airport police escort, the MBC crew went on to complete its errand.

Some onlookers were heard saying Mtambo feels he is so important that the whole MBC crew could be tracking his movements.

MBC is compiling a story on the impact of Japanese aid to Malawi. Among other developments, the Japanese government is financing a number of transformative renovations at the Kamuzu International Airport.

The story among other sources required featuring the Malawi minister of Transport and Public works Ralph Jooma and KIA Airport Commandant on the impact of the Japanese assistance.

After proper booking, the airport management invited MBC to the airport for both interviews and shooting of facilities, including the new departure and arrival lounge.

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