MCP Rich Barons Will Loot Malawi- Chisa Mbele

MCP President rich friends he has put at near himself will plunder Malawi’s meagre resources for self gratification, businessman and social media commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele has said.

Chisa Mbele writing on his facebook page under the title “Reading my Palms…” said corruption will worsen if Chakwera is elected just as it did during Joyce Bandas regime.

Chisa Mbele says ;

MCP tenure in State House will be very complicated. Chakwera will have to strike a balance between powerful rich friends and ordinary poor Malawians in rural areas, the bedrock of Malawi’s economy without leaving behind the middle-class. Self-made entrepreneurs. Golden eggs.

To put Malawi on development trajectory, he will need to undertake massive public infrastructure development program. That means massive public expenditure. Both foreign & domestic debt will rise. Deficit will widen. Most likely Kwacha will depreciate further. In short-term, life will be difficult.

Here is what will be worse. His rich friends who have propped him up will demand to be rewarded. They will get greedy. They will want to be everywhere. They will pull strings.

We will have the President who won’t make bold decisions for the poor because his interests will be dictated by corrupt corporate world.

We saw it with Bingu wa Mutharika. Mulli was effectively Malawi Government.

They will want to be Mota Engil of MCP time in government. Most likely corruption will worsen. Racketeering, Money Laundering and grand state-tender corruption will taint MCP government.

That’s the flip-side of those people who are throwing money at MCP today. That’s why acknowledgement of Sadik Mia sponsorship today must send cold shivers down your spine. What about those in the Western outskirt of Lilongwe?

We had similar humiliating times nthawi ya amai.

Business people looking for Government Tenders used to queue pa Bar ya mwana wa President. Kwa Kamba in Blantyre.

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