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Malawians Have One Common Enemy…That’s The Malawi Congress Party

🐊 The organisation is responsible for planting a big-man syndrome in Malawians for over 31 years where most feel they are obligated to exalt fellow mortals over everyone else.

🐊 They are responsible for striking deals with western imperialists in the late 1970’s to be structurally adjusting the value of our currency. this is why the Kwacha depreciates to date.

🐊 They are responsible for establishing systematic poverty in the Warm Heart of Africa, a problem that modern parties are still working on stamping out.

🐊 They are responsible for planting the hatred and enemity along tribal and religious lines. In 31 years they ruled Malawi with an iron feast and denied some parts of Malawi some developments. Places like Phalombe, Neno, Mangochi, Machinga, etc were punished for producing perceived enemies of Kamuzu like Henry Chipembere. A whole village was torched down πŸ”₯ in Mangochi. The MCP loved to call northern part of Malawi, the “Dead North” because they had committed not to develop the area.

🐊 The MCP hates multiparty democracy and are very ready to destroy the system. Statistics show us that the same pattern that votes for MCP is the same one that voted AGAINST multiparty system in the 1993 Referendum.

🐊 The MCP hates the freedom of the press and also the freedom of speech. In their 31 years of tyrannical reign, the MCP sent out to Israel thousands of young men and women to be trained in spying and reporting innocent Malawians to their para-military wing, the MYP, for a beating up or “elimination”. In MCP ideology, the MCP leader must not be opposed or undermined by any living being. This calls for capital punishment. All newspapers and books were censured heavily to make sure Kamuzu is not “insulted or undermined”. Up to now, MCP believes that a country must have one radio station that must glorify and praise the MCP Life President.

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