RETURN OF THE AUTOCRATIC KILLERS: MCP hunts for Musowa’s blood, threaten TUM president and teachers

If you thought that MCP is past their old behaviour of torture against their dissenters, you were very wrong.

MCP has not changed from its behaviour torture which it executed with finesse in those dreadful 31 years.

MCP has today showed that character as they have launched a harassment operation against the Mulanje Bale lawmaker.

His crime? The speech he made in Parliament on 1st March, 2021, when he blasted President Chakwera and his clueless government for failing to negotiate with teachers so that learners can go back to school.

Typical of crocodile politics, the Chakwera government today dispatched state machinery NIB and Fiscal Police officials to his house to manufacture criminal activities to implicate him.

There, they have staged a drama claiming he misappropriated CDF but councillors have refused to peddle that propaganda.

In response, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Kondwani Nankhumwa, has asked the House to investigate this issue and make sure that Musowa is protected by security agents of his choice.

“Remember any word uttered in this Chamber is protected by the Constitution of Malawi. Nobody can be dragged to court for such words even if they demean the presidency and that nobody must be intimidated for exercising their rights to opinion,” said Nankhumwa who is also DPP Vice President for the South.

Currently, Musowa is on ‘parliamentary strike’ where he is absconding the debate until the school children are back into classes.

Meanwhile, the autocratic MCP has extended its bloodletting skills to TUM president Willie Malimba threatening his life for standing up with teachers on their demand for risk allowances.

And pretending to be parents, MCP instruments of death gave manufactured a letter threatening teachers to return to class or face unspecified action.

Nankhumwa has since observed that this autocracy in a democratic society is unacceptable.

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