SHOCKING!Pastor Removes Women Underwears, Shaves Their Privates In Church

In a disgusting video that has been widely shared on social media, a church Pastor in Ghana is seen calling and lining up women congregants to the pulpit.

The church leader is also seen instructing the women to remove their pants as he goes on to take a shaving stick and removing their private hair.

There is a second man seen assisting the man to collect the shaved hair using a piece of cloth.

Older and young women are seen flocking to have their private hair shaved by the man of the cloth.

The pastor also takes time to pray for the congregants and seemed to be speaking in tongues while touching their feet, enabling him to see from below their dresses and skirts.

A banner hanging on the front wall of the church premises is written ‘Supernatural Cleansing.’

The scene has been condemned as inappropriate and disgusting by social media users.

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