DPP REFUSES TO LEARN FROM SKC SAGA: Needs Special Political Exorcism


Old Good Days

The former ruling Democratic Progressive Party refuses to learn. A score months ago, it was SKC the party catapulted out. They knew the decision would cost the party heavily, but they chose nursing their ego in the name of being seen to be the owners of the party. In 2019, they were declared winners of the presidential elections.

The elections were disputed, and people were matching in large numbers in the streets. You would think they would sit down on the table of reasoning, find their political marble and map the best strategy of pulling everyone together to their camp. But it had to take the five high court judges’ verdict that called for fresh elections for DPP to ask UDF out, for an alliance. President Lazarus Chakwera was then in opposition. But he managed to assemble indisputably the largest army of opposition in the lane of our history.

The story ended where everybody would not be surprised. Today, DPP is in opposition. It would not be as attractive today as it were the same day last year. Surprisingly, DPP thinks the solution to the bundle of its mess is disciplinary action against one of its hottest political firebrands.

Hell NO. You need political exorcism. Let him lose at the convention, but you don’t throw away a politician of Nankhumwa’s stature. You just don’t. Unless if you have issues with Bingu, and you want to destroy his political investment. Of course, I may withdraw my stance if you convince me the party is your personal estate and you can do with it whatever you want.

But if you were not happy with him, at least you could speed up the dates of your convention and end everything reasonably there.

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